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Business Auto Loan also works as an equipment loan for business owners looking to finance a vehicle. The vehicle acts as a collateral for the borrowed money to purchase the car or truck. Unlike other business loans, you need not sign a personal guarantee with personal assets if your business defaults.

Why Auto Business Loans?

Auto business loans helps you with money to purchase vehicle for business purposes. Unlike in many business loans, you do not have to sign up with personal asset as guarantee of repayment for auto business loan.
These loans tend to carry lower interest rates than unsecured business loans as the built-in collateral reduces the lender’s risk. Today most businesses depend on transportation for quick and timely implementation of various assignments, like moving products, develop new business, or just simply travel to complete a piece of work. Auto business loans also facilitates you to replace of upgrade your business vehicles.
We structure your auto finance solution to suit your business needs while you focus your attention on growing your business.

Who qualifies?

Any small and mid-sized companies that have a stable flow of business and requires new or upgraded vehicle to continue growing in this competitive market.

  • Business must be profitable or have a turnaround plan in place.
  • Business creditworthiness
  • A robust business plan showing why you need the vehicle

We keep it Simple

  • The vehicle acts as collateral for your auto business loan.
  • The loan amount and rate will largely depend on the value of the vehicle.
  • Business ownership details, financial statements, and income tax returns.
  • At Sky Fi Capital, we give you price guarantee and you can be sure of getting the best terms.

We make it Fast

  • Approvals in 24 working hours
  • Funding in just 2-5 working days
  • Team of industry experts works with you
  • Challenged credit is a not an issue

Your Benefits

  • No need to block business working capital for purchasing vehicles
  • Finance for the vehicles your business uses every day
  • Enjoy depreciation benefit in income tax
  • Competitive and fixed interest rates
  • No fluctuating payment amounts
  • Up to 100% financing of the total invoice amount

At SkyFi Capital partners we compare loan terms and interest rates and bring you the best available options. Our financial experts will be happy to assist you further, call us toll-free at (877) 659-3421