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Make Your Property Work for You

Commercial Real Estate Loan helps your business in more than many ways. Commercial real estate loans are mortgages secured by liens on commercial property. They are sort by small businesses seeking to purchase to build a stronger base. The commercial financing can be secured for a venture including acquisition, development, renovation, expand to add more value to your business and construction of properties, can be accomplished through commercial real estate loans

Make your commercial property a profitable commodity by taking a commercial mortgage to help you build your business, attract more customers, and increase footfalls. CRE loans are intended to finance real estate used strictly for business purposes and to generate income.

Why Commercial Real Estate Loans?

Commercial Real Estate Loan can bring you capital to manage your expansion plans, rapid growth issues and help you position yourself in a favorable position for future growth and to refinance a commercial property.

Who qualifies?

  • CRE loans are generally made against commercial property to investors such as corporations, developers, partnerships, funds, trusts etc.
    Business entities formed for the specific purpose of owning and operating commercial real estate
  • SBA (Small Business Administration) Loans are a great option for clients who want to grow their business and cannot obtain any other non-government financing. SBA Loans are low-interest long-term loans are a viable option for business owners suffering substantial disaster-related physical or economic damage.
  • Waiting for a long-term financing option, Bridge Loans can provide a short term first mortgage loan on property for typically a 6-month term.

We keep it Simple

  • A CRE loan is a mortgage secured by a lien on a commercial property.
  • CRE loans are generally made to investors such as corporations or organizations that own and operate commercial real estate.
  • The loan amount and rate will largely depend on the nature of collateral, value of the property, the creditworthiness of the customer and financial ratios when evaluating commercial real estate loans.
  • Financial statements and income tax returns.
  • At Sky Fi Capital, we give you price guarantee and you can be sure of getting the best terms.