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A business finance that can boost your cash flow SkiFi Capital pays your unpaid invoices in 24 working hours, so that you have the working capital you need, to continue doing business as usual. Your customers may take 30, 60 or even 90+ days to pay for the work you have completed. This may cause delays in your future plans, may it be business growth, equipment and technology, bill payments or even something as simple as payroll. Here is a solution to
Business owners who enjoy having reliable customers with a great track record of paying their invoices on time can benefit from invoice factoring solution for quick money. It comes to you at a small fee for selling invoices to a third party. This transaction is also known as ‘factoring’, ‘Accounts Receivable Finance’ or ‘Invoice Finance’.

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Why Invoice Factoring?

As business owners you will always want to ensure a smooth flow of business activity. Forecasting cash flow and upcoming expenses like salaries, vendor payment, taxes, investment in technology, enhancing business growth can play an important part of planned business. Invoice discounting helps your business to get immediate cash advances on your outstanding invoices.

Who qualifies?

Factors that impact cost you pay for each invoice:
• Creditworthiness of the customer
• Volume of invoices you are factoring
• Your industry and Business model
• Cost depends on your customers payment terms and time due

Quick and Easy

Factoring of invoice done in 5 simple steps.

  • STEP 1 – Your customer receives your invoice
  • STEP 2 – We at SkyFi Capital receive your invoice
  • STEP 3 – We check and verify the details to ensure service was completed
  • STEP 4 – Advances are provided towards a large portion of your invoice
  • STEP 5 -The factor collects payment from your customer and pays you the remainder of the receivable, keeping a percentage as their fee.
  • Approval on your invoices in 24 hours.
  • Once the customer pays the invoice, the factor deducts their fees and send you the remaining funds.

We take your accounts receivable (invoices), minus a small discount, to an invoice factoring company. After checking out the creditworthiness of your invoiced customer, factoring companies advance up to 100 percent of the invoice, providing immediate cash flow for you to use for your business needs.