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Almost 80% of the companies lease some of their equipment. Though equipment leasing is particularly favored by many small businesses having limited capital, today, it is a popular choice for mid and large sized companies too. We cover the cost of any equipment you need however small or big it may be.

Why Equipment Leasing?

  • Buying and maintaining equipment is expensive.
  • Equipment Leasing offers an opportunity to bring in equipment without major expenditure.
  • It is an optimum solution to have immediate cash flow for most small businesses.
  • In today’s ever evolving technological market as soon as you invest in a piece of machinery, a new version comes out in no time, making yours obsolete or inferior.
  • Short term equipment leasing allows companies to upgrade by exchanging their equipment for better and more advanced equipment.

Who qualifies?

Factors impacting the equipment lease and rates include

  • You are in business for 12-18 months
  • Credit history of the customer
  • Annual revenue of $ XXXXX or more
  • Nature of equipment required
  • Length of the lease term
  • If you are the primary beneficiary of tax credits associated with the transaction

Fill this Equipment Leasing Form or get in touch with us on (877) 659-3421 to talk to our experienced financial consultants for further clarification.



Complete an equipment lease application. For financing on $100,000 to $500,000 and above we may require your financial data as well as a business plan.

Step 2

We check, verify and process your application and notify you within 24 to 48 hours of you submitting the application and documents.

Step 3

Once you receive approval, you must review and finalize the lease structure, including monthly payments and resubmit the documents along with the first payment.

Step 4

Your lease is in effect once the lessor has received and accepted your signed documents and the first payment is received. You can now accept delivery of the equipment or machinery.

Step 5

Funds are released within 24 to 48 hours directly to you or the manufacturer you are purchasing from.

Your Benefits

  • Equipment leasing is ideal for equipment that routinely need upgrading. Leasing gives you the freedom to upgrade or obtain the latest machinery at a low upfront cost and a monthly payment that is well in your budget.
  • Leasing makes it financially possible to acquire wider range of equipment that would otherwise be too costly to purchase.
  • Capital leasing is a form of debt-equity financing since these leases act as loans
  • You maintain a debt-equity ratio that will attract new investment more easily and leasing rather than investment will accomplish that end.