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Line of credit is a flexible loan from a bank or financial institution. It is a defined amount of money that can be accessed as and when needed and then repaid at a specified time. Line of credit are approved by the bank and it charges variable interest on the borrowed amount.

Risk revenue is lower in lines of credit as compared to credit card loans. Lines of credit is the answer to personal or unsecured loans one might take from time to time as this makes a specified amount of money available if, and when the borrower needs it.

Why Line of Credit

Business Line of Credit benefits in case of repeated outlays, to finance projects where the exact funds required is difficult to ascertain. It also helps to balance out any variable in their monthly income and expenses and acts as a source of emergency funds on a quick and as-needed basis

Line of Credit works out to be a cheaper option with flexible repayment schedules at lower rate of interests and helps to deal with cash flow crunches. Businesses can also use the Line of Credit to make tax payments in the interim in case of any discrepancy in “accounting profit” and the actual receipt of cash.

Your Benefits

  • Line of credit offers more flexibility for you to access it as and when needed and their repayment too can be either immediately or over time.
  • This preapproved loan can be accessed whenever and for whatever purpose of the borrower
  • Repayment improves credit score
  • Line of credit generally has a variable rate of interest.
  • Lines of credit are most often used to cover the gaps in irregular monthly income

Lines of credit can be cost-effective solutions for any month on month financial variations or for making interim arrangement for complicated transaction.

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